About Us



The Willetton Toy Library

The Willetton Toy Library is a volunteer-based organisation and is run by members in the local community. We have been providing this community service for over 30 years.

All members are required to volunteer their time to maintain our quality of service. Our membership fees are very reasonable because of the efforts of our volunteers.


Committee Benefits


The Committee makes decisions on behalf of the toy library, manages toy purchasing and manages member rosters.

  • Free membership
  • Extended loan period
  • First access to new toys
  • Meet some great families in your community and make new friends
  • Expand your network and improve your social skills
  • Improve your mental health, feel good about making a difference in Willetton & surrounding suburbs

We offer lots of support to all new committee members so why not join us?

The Committee is required to assist in some additional cases, for example:

  • Toy Stocktake
  • Community & Promotional Events