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All members are required to:

  • Complete 4 library session rosters per year.
  • Attend toy stocktake for 2 hours.

Cleaning Toys

Please clean toys (wipe with anti-bacterial wipes) before returning them.

Please wash costumes before returning them.

We are committed to providing our children with safe, clean and well maintained toys at all times.

For a household affected by Covid please advise so a thorough clean of the toys can be undertaken.


The Toy Library conducts an audit of all toys at the end of every year (Nov/Dec). All members are required to return the toys to the Toy Library beforehand.

Members (or a relative) have to attend stocktake for a minimum of 2 hours. Sorry, for safety reasons, children are not permitted to attend stocktake.

If unable to attend, we request that you take some items home to clean such as puzzles, board games or costumes. If you do not notify us that you are unable to attend, we will issue a $20 fine. 

The Toy Library closes for 6 weeks after stocktake for the Christmas holiday period.

Conditions of Borrowing

Fines are levied for late returns or missing toys.


The loan period is 3 weeks. After this period, a fine of $1 per session, per toy borrowed, applies.

Missing pieces

Each toy box is labelled with the contents. Members should check that all pieces listed on the toy label are present and in good condition when they first borrow the toy and when they return it.

Broken toys

Members will not be fined for a broken toy if it is damaged from age or regular wear & tear.

If the toy damage is extensive or done on purpose, the member will have to pay for the toy repair or replacement.



There are 3 types of annual membership:

  1. Standard – $70 per annum.
    This allows you 1 toy (from our green category)
    and 2 other toys.
  2. Gold Star – $80 per annum.
    This allows you 1 toy (from our green category) and 3 other toys.
  3. Non-Active Standard – $130 per annum.

    This allows you 1 toy (from our green category) and 3 other toys.

    Non-active members are exempt from doing rosters and stocktake. 


One month membership for $20 fee + $50 refundable bond

This is a great idea for visiting grandchildren or catering for children’s birthday parties/school holidays or just ‘trying out’ the toy library to see if it is what you want!



Loan Period

Toys may be borrowed for a maximum of three weeks.

Library Session Times:

Wednesday9.30 am – 10.30 am
Friday9.30 am – 10.30 am
Every 2nd Saturday9.00 am – 9.30 am (click & collect only)

It is essential that we adhere to the above session times, due to the many other uses Council has for the building. Therefore, we ask that members arrive no later than 10.15am if they wish to have the opportunity to select new toys.

Please find attached word document advice on toy cleaning.

Toy Categories

The toys are categorised as follows:

Green Toysvalued $110 and over, or highly popular toys
Other Toystoys, puzzles & games valued under $110

Members may only borrow one green toy at a time.

Members may find that some toys in the green category may be under the purchased value of $110. This is because the toy is in exceptional condition, or highly popular and in high demand!